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Yes, you can cheat on your diet while you travel
About me

Hi there fellow traveler!
My name is Monica and I am just like you, I love to discover new places! But sometimes you can't always find those hidden gems online (if it's not on Pinterest it probably doesn't exist!) it almost seems that those selfish locals want to keep everything for themselves! So you might as well join the enemy and discover the city with them. I consider myself a local now, I have been living here for a while now and call it my home (damn you, you beautiful Swedish guy who fooled me!) but I love to act as a tourist and see everything with new eyes, the seasons definitely help with that.
If you come with me, I must warn you though, I like to eat so I can take you to some very delicious and cute Instagram friendly places.
Speaking of Instagram, I'm an avid Instagrammer myself and photography interested. So let me know if a photo tour is what you are looking for and I will be your photographer for the day, you will end up with shameless "candid" pics of your trip!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.