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The secret to happiness is travel, good food and a Guinness at noon.
About me

(Note: I am presently only providing tours around Newcastle, United Kingdom. Get in touch if you want to check out the place with me)

I enjoy exploring city spaces on foot, interacting with the locals, finding new hang out spots, cafes and bars. I love street art and street food and can show you the best places around town for both. That said, there are also days when I'd rather drive to a museum, gallery or a cultural centre that happens to be screening an interesting documentary.

I've been travelling in and around the city that I grew up in (New Delhi) extensively for the past several months and would be happy to not only show you around but also plan very specific itineraries based on the specific interests of traveller(s) visiting the city. Let's face it, planning is the worst part of travelling and I'm happy to take that burden off your shoulders :)


Cancellation policy: 24 hours.


Highly recommended and very nice!

2 years ago