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Shalom dear!
My name is Helen (Bonna Shejve) and I'd love to be your guide in my native town Dubno. Dubno is one of the oldest towns in Ukraine and has a rich Jewish history, Here you can find the biggest synagogue in all Western Ukraine that currently is abandoned and forgotten. A biggest Jewish cemetery that was partially drowned under the water partially reconstructed into market place. Dubno is breathing by Jewish culture, Have a look at old noble apartments with thick walls and castle of prince Lubomyrsky.... Find out ancient caves over 6 km length and military fortifications... Besides of historical places you can enjoy delicious Ukrainian cuisine, rest in apartments where princes and hetmans (military leaders) lived. Discover ancient Dubno's symbol - David star and crescent..... However, Dubno is small town, but it has strong Jewish roots.. See with your own eyes ! Welcome to my world, dear!

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