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Live life to the fullest in Queens. NYC is fun, but Queens is my area.
About me

I'll take you around Queens NY only.

Home of some people you may know - DONALD TRUMP - Susan Sarandon, Tony Bennett, Cyndi Lauper, Nikki Minaj, Howard Stern, 50 Cent, Ray Romano, Lucy Liu, Christopher Walken, John Leguizamo and many more. I am an MBA Grad and a full time business owner in Queens NY. My background is West Indian. Favorite Places to eat Indian, Thai, Peruvian, and many others. Queens is home to the most languages in the world spoken. You can take the A Train to the Last stop and I'll be right there to pick you up and take you around, just let me know ahead of time what you want to eat or if you have somewhere special you want to see. If you want to come at night on Friday or Saturday, I work closely with the local clubs and can get you into any of the 5 local clubs.I threw some crazy parties in my day see video attached of a stage dive at my Big ROOM (EDM) Event. Whatever we do will be done in a clear and professional manner at all times. You are my responsibility.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.