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You need to know the locals to appreciate a place!
About me

Born and raised in Kalamata, this beautiful southern city in Greece, I can talk from first hand about the advantages of visiting the area. The city is placed between the Messinian bay and mount Taygetos, combining this way the benefits of the sea and the mountain. Visitors in spring and summer can simply go for a swim and do some summer sports or turn east and enjoy the thrills of the mountain.
But the city itself has many to offer to visitors all year long. The food is excellent with fresh products produced in the neighboring territories and there are many restaurants and taverns open day and night. Nightlife is vibrant especially in the summer with several spots to have a drink and lots of fun and shopping is a must at the city center.
The other thing that will amaze you is the micro-climate of the area. A mild winter with a warm spring and a little bit hot summer can make all the difference all year round and make this place desirable by everybody.

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