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Walk Like an Egyptian
About me

Hello there,
My name is Nader, but you can call me Nad.
I am an Egyptian who was born in Scotland. I've lived in and been to quite a few places in our beautiful and diverse planet.
Any way, I am a local resident of Cairo, and to simplify things, I know the ins and outs of this crazy and vibrant city simply because I've lived here for long enough to know what it's all about. I enjoy walking down streets, exploring new areas and most of all talking to locals. At night, the city completely transforms and night life here is great with lots of cafes, bars, restaurants and a few nightclubs to choose from.
Most of all, don't believe everything you hear or watch about Egypt on the news. This is fake propaganda and anyone educated enough should know that. This is not just my opinion, ask people who have been here and lived among the Egyptians, Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world.
Waiting to show you around.
Yalla Salam

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