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Life is an experiment
About me

Hi! I'm a world traveler, avid meditator, community volunteer, and explorer. I have a wide spectrum of interests and I explore local events of all natures. You can find me at a Virtual Reality Conference one day, and the next you may find me at a classical music concert. Or you may bump into me at a reggae show, and if you miss me there, I'll run into you at a quaint art walk in one the smaller Los Angeles cities. I'm able to connect with just about everyone, and I have a wealth of random facts, helpful knowledge, and a charisma that never ends.

I'm especially helpful if you want to discover natural venues, live classical (indian or western, the best yoga or meditation venues, and art shows. I'm friends with incredible artists and inventors around LA and they would gladly entertain us if you came with me.

More than anything, I'm rich with positivity. No matter what happens, you will have a smile in your heart after we share experiences together. Thank you for reading this.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.