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See as local, eat as local and become a local
About me

I used to be a Hotel Concierge and I currently work as a freelance tour guide and interpreter. Two things that I am really passionate about. I love traveling, exploring and taking on adventures. Whenever I travel to a new place, the only thing I desperately wish for is having a local friend who could show me around all their hidden spots, secret street food and places that you would not be able to find on my own.

With that in mind, I created this profile in the hope of connecting with travelers who are looking for a local buddy. Someone who knows where to find the best Phở in town, or Bánh Mì, or Coconut coffee. A friend who can show you a "Fat Mona Lisa" painting in a hidden old apartment, or an acoustic Cafe where you could sit and listen to strange sounds and voices. a bird cafe, an antique flea market opened only on the weekends... and many more sites and activities that only a local would know...

Plus, I could show you around the city while we take a ride on my scooter:)

If you wish to become a local, experience as local and eat like a local then contact me.
See you in Vietnam

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Highly recommended! Huyen has an awesome sense of humor and very passionate about her city. Really went the extra mile meeting me at the airport and showing me a great mix of culture, architecture and history. Anyone planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh really needs to get in touch with Huyen (aka Sue) to show them around. Thank again Huyen and best of luck!

2 years ago


Great tour guide!

2 years ago


Huyen was a superb guide : a highly knowledgeable Saigon local who was very friendly. Huyen speaks excellent English and has a great sense of humour. She did a great job of planning 2 days to meet our needs : getting off the main tourist spots, trying a wide range of local food, visiting quirky cafes, shops and markets. We thoroughly enjoyed travelling by scooter with the locals. We highly recommend Huyen

3 years ago