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About me

My name is Brandon, my homies call me Ban. I am of Tongan/Fijian descent, born and raised in Auckland NZ 27 years now. Was once a travelling aspiring poker professional in my early twenties, also worked for forensic mental health for 8 years, I am now settled.

I have friends in different industry areas and different walks of life who may be keen on joining us for a lil tour and might make good conversation with you guys lol not just seeing the fancy side of things. I know pretty much everything there is to know about the place, great restaurants, hideaway low key places to hang out, sightseeing and many places to find bargains and a lot of other things regular folks might not be aware of.

Whatever it is that you guys are interested in, night owl to quiet nights and expensive wines i'll find a way to show you places that may keep you enjoying your time in NZ, nothing's too weird or too wild I'm pretty neutral toward everything in life, known for my harsh honesty haha and hot cooking :p

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.