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Life is not for worry and fret but moments of joy and times unset
About me

I am a true Global Ambassador and Director of Global Nocturnal Affairs.

I have done standup comedy in 37 different countries and lived in over a dozen.
I am passionate about sharing the secret places I have found.

I take people to great pop up restaurants (that have no name sometimes and are never listed in a book or on trip advisor) for unique dining and drinking experiences.

I promise you will have a great time if you just go with the flow.

As they say in Thai “Mai Pen Rai” No problem
Some highlights include:

· Secret Beaches

· Hidden local Waterfall

· Authentic Thai secret restaurants on the ocean
· Lotion and Potion shop Great massage oils for couples

· Scenic vistas, so many un-known Nobody will have these pics

· Millionaires mile loop More unknown scenic vistas Super Pics spot and Jungle drinks

· Thai market buy food and have cooked by PRIV chef

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.