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What's in that pick-a-nick basket, Boo Boo?
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Step away from the city and meet the gregarious, friendly locals in the quieter, green places of the North. Alaska has Glaciers, hot springs, fishing, 4 wheeling, ziplining (over a glacier), mooses and foxes and bears, oh my! And I haven't even gotten to the ocean yet! Take the 26 glacier cruise from Seward, and see whales, otters, seals, puffins, porpoises, and more. Explore the Sea Life center and get up-close and personal with Harbor seals, feed puffins, or get suckered by a giant pacific octopus. Or take a fishing trip out on the ocean and catch yourself a fish that you won't have to lie about! Whatever floats your boat.

Are you ready to explore?

*for overnight tours, the Traveler will pay the hourly rate for the travel time, and sight-seeing, as well as a separate hotel room for the Guide (Rather than pay the hourly rate for a 24+ hour trip) . The hourly rate will be resumed when the Traveler is ready to return. Book hotels as far in advance as possible!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.