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About me

Hi all! My name is Beth and I would love to show you all around Victoria. From dinner and drinks at smaller, local restaurants, to taking in an IMAX movie, to learning all about the many ghostly areas that are spread throughout this adorable little city (my personal favourite), I am happy to share all of those experiences with you and of course, add in any knowledge I have of certain places. I know the downtown to Cook Street Village area very well, and I live in the Royal Oak area, though there is not much to see out here! So let's spend the day watching kite surfers at Clover Point, hiking Mount Doug, going for a picnic in Beacon Hill Park and telling stories of travel and adventure. I do have access to a vehicle, non smoking, and can squeeze in 3 passengers, but it is tight in the back. I also have a small dog and know she would love to come on any walks or hikes!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.