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Marburg, Germany. (Minimum of 4 Hours)

One hour train ride away from Frankfurt. Beautiful city with a population of around 100 k.

Not attacked during second world war, thus very well preserved old city with a lot of history (yes, we have a real castle).

The tour will be tailored to your needs and wishes: Sightseeing, shopping, nightlife, sports or a combination of all.

About me: Freelancer, Soon to be entrepreneur. Studied History and Sociology. My no. 1 hobby is boxing.

No. 2 is talking. I can talk for hours on end (you were warned).

I am fluent in German, English and Russian (2nd generation immigrant).

I also like to travel, meet new people and live life to its fullest.

(Expenses for transportation, entry fees, food and such are not covered.)

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.