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I want you to know my city trough the camera lenses
About me

I'm a city walker and a film camera photographer. I want to share my two passions with you.

Lets walk to Medellin's donwtown and let's shoot some film. You'll have not just a trully local experience, but also you will have the option to take with you some memories and even some DIY souvenirs for your friends and family.

My tour package will include:
-1 point and shoot film camera (I'll lend you one of my personal use cameras fully charged and in perfect working condition)
-1 36 exp. 35mm kodak colorplus film
-development and scanning processes made by professionals in a local lab.
- Prints of your pictures (as optional)
- 10 copies of a photozine edited with your photos (as optional)
-One local beer on a historical place in Medellin's downtown or a craft beer tap in a local brewery.

Any other idea or thoughs? Just let me know.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.