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Cali is a place to have fun. Enjoy life at a different pace.
About me

Hi, my name is Luis, I'm originally from NYC. I'm due to some family issues. I enjoy Cali, very much. I've been here for the past 9 months but have been coming her ever since I was a kid. I love going to the CENTRO which is the general market place to find deal on clothing and shoes. I also like grabbing a bite to eat. There are many historical places to visit near here since it is also the oldest part of Cali. Cali is known for its nightlife and dance bars and rooftop discos. So get your dancing shoes on cause "we're going out dancing." If you want either we could take free classes at a plaza called Jario Varela Plaza to get into the spirit of things. We could also take a tour of some of the greatest shopping around if that's your thing. If you have kids there is a place called Space Jump Cali where kids can go and jump on trampolines, Foam pits where you can practice your somersaults. There are just so many things to do. I promise you will be very happy with our tour.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.