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A free and present soul that simply lives what exists today.
About me

Hello Beautiful people! I tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Bogota but I grew up in Cali. I lived in Australia for ten years and I have been living in my wonderful city of Medellin seens I came back a year ago. At the moment I am working on a personal project so working in my free time with CityPals is perfect for me I also have the time, the ability to speak English and Spanish. I have the knowledge of three of the most touristic cities in Colombia ( Bogota - Cali - Medellin ) and many more spectacular places and cities in my country that I have had the opportunity to visit in recent times.
I am a happy and creative person, open-minded ,adventurous. I love exploring new places. I love the good, connecting with nature and visiting rare places "exotic and mysterious ones is my thing" :)

So if I sound like a person you would like to hanging out I am more than happy to share my experices with you. :)

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.