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You travel Solo, You like to be alone, but not all the time...for those need me!!!
About me

You travel Solo so you do what you want when you want.
You’re able to focus on the destination and all it offers without distractions or discussions
And if you want you choose periods of quiet for reading, thinking...or do nothing at all!!!
You travel solo to follow your own interests
Perhaps to go more than once to that place you loved so much, or visit a museum as long as you like, have a quiet dinner... a long breakfast in bed...BUT...
sometimes you need or want to have somebody to share a dinner, to try that little restaurant that only locals know about it, go shopping and not to be scammed or simply overpriced, take a long drive to go visit places not known by tourists...
In those cases...I'm your personal guide!!!
Just let me know your plans, wishes and needs, your tastes and expectations to achieve a journey to remember
See you soon!!!

Cancellation policy: 72 hours.