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Travel with Pal who also a Traveler, I know where you wanna visit. I can Personalize your Trips
About me

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand. I enjoy exploring some new areas, culture, arts, craft & design.
I love to visit art exhibition & gallery and also I love shopping (both shopping mall and market), reading, and writing.
I am passionate about travel, architecture, culture and tradition.
I love to talk and make friends with people from other countries... along my walk.
I am a solo traveler for many years specializing in Korea and Singapore.
I'm also a travel writer & editor and f.i.t. Travel Consultant too.
I've written guidebooks for Thais about Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau, and also some booklets for Foreign National Tourism Organizations.
I have a lot of foreigner friends, who came to visit Bangkok quite often. I always showed them around my beautiful & friendly city.
So … I also can take you around my city, whatever & wherever you prefer!
Bangkok is my hometown, so I want to make you to love it!

Cancellation policy: 72 hours.