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Get into culture, nature, and the underground!
About me

Hello fellow traveler - welcome to my amazing city - filled with diversity, beauty, and unique enclaves. With an adventuresome spirit and an inquisitive mind I can create and host a tour/adventure/investigation to your liking. I am an eclectic heart with varied connections around the cities. I am family friendly and especially privy to those with alternative lifestyles. I'd love to know what you want to explore: indigenous culture and grassroots projects? Fine or contemporary art? Cafe's run by punks, hipsters, foodies? Natural wonders like cascading waterfalls, hidden beaches, or botanical gardens? Need to get on on an authentic yoga class or connected to a mind body spirit practitioner? Looking to explore sacred sites, outstanding architecture, take a deep breath inside an inspiring church? Looking to find a little sass, with the subversive -or- the best of live music and performance? Want to explore via bicycle (affordable city Nice Ride bike rental)? We will make it happen!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.