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Discover Tokyo through History, food and people
About me

Hello everyone,

My name is Gabrielle, I'm a 23 years old french woman in Tokyo.

I've always loved to travel, I can understand the things that might stress a visitors in Japan (getting lost in the subway, ordering food, converting the currencies...) But I'm here to help make your Tokyo experience easier !
Japanese History is very rich and can be seen through the temples, shrines and houses. Exploring and finding hidden spots is one of my favorite occupation, it would be a pleasure to share them with you !

Food is really important for Japanese people. Tokyo is a diverse city and you can choose to eat very traditional noodle soup but also rainbow cotton candy (or vegan food). Street food has a special place in my heart and Japan is full of small shops.

Have fun traveling and I hope to meet you.

*Note: If we are dining together or going anywhere with an entrance fee, I would appreciate you taking care of the payment. Thank you

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.