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Every photo shoot and video production IS a miracle in itself - Stay Creative and Keep Producing!
About me

Hi there!...If you are into Photography and Video I can show you some cool locations to shoot! Originally from New England I went WEST to college at ISU then visited San Diego and STAYED HERE! As a photographer and film maker and TV series producer I know this area of the world is unbeatable for light and locations all within a 3 hour circle of San Diego!

If you want to see and point your cameras at some eXtreme shooting environments I can show you a WIDE RANGE of backdrops from OCEAN SCENICS to DESERT CANYONS to MOUNTAIN SLOPES as well as the beautifully scenic CITY of SAN DIEGO! Specialize in OFFROAD TRIPS including MEXICO!

I'm easy and FUN to work with!
Cheers and contact me anytime!

BIO: Journalistic background and work ethic. Created and launched to broadcast TV Xcorps Action Sports Music TV currently airing worldwide.
Over 200 half hour broadcast episodes of TV programming produced. Social media optimizer 5000+ short form web video uploads to SM platforms.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.