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One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things.
About me

My name is Philip and I'm originally from Chicago, but wanderlust got the better of me so now I'm living in Prague teaching English and travelling. My favorite thing about living abroad in Prague is that it's such an international city full of expats, and meeting new people from different places and hearing about their country and perspectives is my favorite aspect of living abroad. I've lived in Prague for over one year, and I'm very confident I can show my new pals a great time for whatever it is their looking for, from the best local pubs, beautiful sights, restaurants offering the best Czech food, and some of the most fun places for the famous Prague nightlife. Being an English teacher here I'm lucky enough to know these things not only from personal experience, but from finding them out from my students who are all Czech natives and know best ;) I hope to hear from you and would love to show you this beautiful city and hear about your home country as well!

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