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I always like to find places off the beaten track and not one of the first three yelp results. The more locals in the place the better the food is 90% of the time. I personally love little tapas type places where you can try a mixture of foods, I can also never say no to a spicy cocktail. There are 6 places I go to with amazing spicy and sweet drinks, happy hour is my best friend. Whether you want a quiet night or a rave most night you can find venues to fit both. For girl groups my jobs does full evenings from food to club. Amazing past time and you end up dancing off all the food you ate! I love the beach but a night in Wynwood is always an interesting time especially during art walk time. Sunday brunch is a must there and if on the beach one HAS to try Bacon Bitch! I'm laid back and love dancing so if you are into that I'm sure we would have a blast!

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