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Up for a new Amsterdam experience nobody offered you yet? Perfect. Read what you can obtain with this sweet tour of Amsterdam.

Love Art? Get ready for a tour through Amsterdam with backgrounders information on it’s most famous street art. Possible to combine with museum tours.

Love Fashion? Get access to unique Amsterdam fashion for all price range. No more Primark and H&M. Vintage, boutiques and conceptual fashion.

Love being Active? Time to learn rollerblading. A quick lesson on how to learn to cruise on the best bikepaths with some sweet rollerblades.

Love Food? I’ll take you to the best local, hidden, and well-known restaurants depending on your tastes.

Love Technology? I’ll introduce you to the latest Amsterdam Tech grounds and connect you with amazing people.

Love Cannabis? Take a ride and send me a message, I got a surprise package for you.

Press contact me and you’ll be vibing in no time.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.