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If travel was free, you would never see me again!
About me

I am passionate about tourism and conservation in my country Uganda and East Africa as a whole. I made sure I travel to most of the tourism attractions so as to sell them well to the people from the out side world. I love to put together interesting packages for tourists and insuring they have a great travel experience. Also I believe that through tourism one can reach out and empower locals. I got involved in travel when i was young as my family used to take us to places like the zoo, beaches etc and when I grew up, I pursued a tourism bachelors degree and still here as tourism students, we used to travel for a few tourism field trips. Then during my 3rd year of the degree I got a job in one tour company and this is how my career begun, we used to travel anywhere and everywhere across Uganda on famtrips, my favorite places are local markets, museum, craft shops, palaces, Amin’s torture chamber story, religious places etc. let me show you around!!

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