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Berlin is not what it seems...
About me

I am Greek, based in Berlin for the past 7 years and I offer a bike tour, only for those who want to know the other side of Berlin.

Berlin is not an ordinary city. It is full of contradictions and diversity. The epicenter of critical moments in human history: glory days, war, reconstruction, division, resistance, disaster, evolution, uprising. These contradictions resulted in the birth of various underground movements, which have influenced politics, society and the arts: The squatting movement, the queer movement, punk, street art. I would like to introduce you to some of those underground communities and subcultures in the city.

We will visit the most different parts of the city, and I will share historical and cultural information you will not get from ordinary tour guides. We will wonder around Kreuzberg, Friedrichschain and Mitte, and upon request, I can offer a video experience, where you and your friends can be filmed or photographed by professionals!

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.