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About me

Hi :)

I am Prague citizen with vast knowledge of underground culture / pubs / clubs / ancient sites. I am interested in Medieval and Dark age history and paganism. I can show You great places not every tourist knows of. These places include hidden hard rock and metal pubs / clubs, historical sites from Celtic, Germanic and Slavic times and of course from Middle Ages... If you are looking for something more with less tourists than the Charles Bridge or The Prague Castle have I can show it all to You :)
These places are mostly in Prague but if You really want something more - I can show You great ancient sites (like Celtic fortresses, burial mounds, battlegrounds, ancient cemeteries.. ) around Prague, You can see a real unspoiled Czech countryside, woods (where You can walk and breathe freely), have some beers in real local pubs and have the truest of the true experience :)
I have a car and if You need I can pick up up to 4 people with all the luggage and arrange any kind of a trip...

Cancellation policy: 72 hours.