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Let's dive into Buenos Aires' Tango Scene!
About me

Hi! My name is Valerie and I am an Austrian living in Buenos Aires. I moved here because Tango is my big passion. For me, dance is magic, it is a state where we feel our souls the most and create intimate relationships without talking.
Basically, I am going to take you on a ride deep into the Tango world of Buenos Aires. The whole experience will be hand-tailored just for you, according to your level of Tango and your preference of style. The experience includes a Tango class, a typical snack (mate tea and some fruits or something sweet), an introduction to the social codes and then I will take you to the Milonga which is the best match for your individual interests.
I know most of BA's Milongas and pick the one that meets your needs best: live orchestra, more traditional or alternative style or show dance. I will support you during our stay in the Milonga, introduce you to my dancing friends and be available as dancer too in both roles (as leader and follower).

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.