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About me

Hello everyone, I'm Alina and I want to show you the best of the city I was born in-Odessa! I am a person of many interests and very flexible as a guide, that is why we can arrange activities based on your preferences. I can show you the best sea views even not the most popular ones, historical places, also lead you into Odessa's world of art by visiting a modern art exhibition,museum of history,the famous Opera and Ballet theater, experimental & modern theater or some other theater of your choice( I can get good tickets cause I used to play in theater). I can also lead you into the nightlife of Odessa if you are a fan of EDM or rock music, I know the best clubs and events. If you are a fan of coffee, wine, cocktails or any specific cuisine etc.I will gladly guide you to any place of your preference, I know all the best spots of any price range.I have experienced working as an interpreter and also lived in USA as a child that Is why I get on very well with people of different culture.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.