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Showing the authentic Barcelona I know to others, have unlimited fun with a fun local!
About me

I am finance girl with some spare time eager to show everyone how fun Barcelona is!
I am a friendly Colombian/Canadian girl, well educated and in love with Barcelona. I know really well the city and I would love to show everyone from around the world the hidden places this city has to offer. I am very active (will make you walk!)and love to engage in any type of conversations! Please don’t think it twice
Also, I love to dance and I can show you amazing places to have fun at night all ages!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.


Wonderful guide who easily had an agenda that offered insights, side streets and detailed knowledge of the city, attractions and the inner workings of local inhabitants. Don't take a tour bus......walk n learn with Andrea. The smart choice

3 months ago


Andrea was amazing. She was punctual, patient and with good knowledge of how to show me around the old district of the city. She is also a playful youngster that knows good places for meals and drinks. I follow her recommendations and tried a few places and they are totally cool. I would particularly mention her stemina level. She walked with me for over 5 hours, covering over 20kms. Thanks so much for the great experience.

3 months ago


Intelligent and pleasant guide with good knowledge. Pleasant to spend time , will have her again

4 months ago


Was visiting Barcelona for week and was really looking for someone that can take me places. Someone told me about the CityPals App and I was very skeptical. I checked and read review from other travelers and decided to go for it. I found Andrea and we confirmed to meet at my hotel lobby at 10am. She was on time and we spent 6 hour of just JOY , she was very patient and really tried to please us. I am so happy and thankful for Andrea CityPals is a very good app and I highly recommend everyone to use it. I will definitely use it in a different destinations. Thank you Andrea and thank you for CityPals

6 months ago


A perfect day. I have come to Barcelona for my first time and wanted to see it. I did not want to go to tourist traps or feel like I was being directed somewhere because it is culturally important. I wanted to see the city and have some good food. I did not want to take a chance on a place to eat that "looked like" it might be good. I wanted to feel like I was being shown around by a friend I was visiting. Andrea seemed to know what I wanted right away. She is intelligent and knew the city quite well. As Barcelona is a town of walkers, there was time to talk between sites. The time was filled with good conversation and not a stale speech. I quite enjoyed my time and plan to come back and have her show more of my family the great town she introduced me to. Actually I have already recommended her to some people I had coffee with on the street that are visiting. I do not give recommendations easily. This introduction to Barcelona is a must.

7 months ago