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Enjoy the real nightlife in Bangkok - not just the standard tourist traps
About me

As a DJ from the UK in Bangkok, I love playing at all the underground music spots which are grooving with the sounds of House/Disco/Techno. Living here four years now I think I can almost find a great location every night for people like myself, to go out and party with intention of experiencing something different from the mainstream.

Basically we would agree a set number of hours to start off the night, where we check out a few locations to see where's buzzing, and then once we've settled somewhere the night is yours! I'm a very easy-going guy, chatty and enjoy having beers etc. Also most likely I will know some regular faces at the places where we go, so I can help you meet new people and hopefully make a memorable night (Bangkok has a fascinating mix of expats and Thais that go out in these circles).

So feel free to contact me and we can start chatting about what and where you want to go. I live very central, so can easily meet you.

Many thanks!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.