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non-smoking bars are lame!
About me

I live in Berlin more than two years now. I am friendly easy-going and we are gonna have fun for sure and with me you are gonna taste how Berlin feels as a city you live in.

During my stay here I have changed a bunch of jobs like delivery service, tourist guide, seller in fleamarkets, cook, barista, etc. There are many areas around that I am familiar with, and many good options where we could enjoy drinking, eating or just watching a sunset from a bridge or the sunrise from the top of a hill.

The night life of this city is absolutely amazing. Clubs for sure but there are also many cool bars around the city with live gigs from time to time.

Cycling around is great also and it's really easy to arrange some bikes! I love bridges, trains, parks, fleamarkets, food, music (not with this order though) and my tour is gonna be full of those.

Just tell me who you are, what kind of music you love,what kind of hobbies you have and I will find the perfect fit for you!

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.