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MAking Berlin's history come alive
About me

A former journalist and a history junkey, and also an experienced tour guide who is telling Berlin's incredible story to visitors and locals alike for the last five years.

I would like to take you to a journey through 800 years of Berlin's history. From the conquest of this small village by the Holy Roman Empire, the rise of the Hohenzollern dynasty, The Prussian kingdom, the politically-stormy and culturally-vibrant days of Weimar, dark days of the Nazi regime and the division of the city throughout the cold war. And how does the past shapes the present - A walk through the historically rich, scarred heart of Berlin would help us understand what makes Berlin into the unique city which it is today.

I offer several tours throughout Berlin: Classical tour through the main historical sites, and specialty tours on the cold war, the Nazi times and the city's Jewish history.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.


Had a great time with Zahi, a pleasant informative guide who loves his city and it’s visitors

9 months ago


If you want a fascinating, captivating and rewarding tour of Berlin, Zahi is the guide you need. When I came to Berlin I already knew quite a lot about Cold War era history… or so I thought. He was able to add context and depth to everything we visited. His ability to highlight the personal, human story of life in Berlin really opened my eyes and added so much to my understanding of the city and its history. He is also a great person to spend time with – intelligent, witty and insightful. In addition to the tour itself, he sent me directions when I got lost on the u-bahn network (my fault) and helped me find my way to a meeting after we had finished. I can’t praise him enough.

1 year ago