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About me

Hello, my name is Eric Bertholet. Im a global entrepreneur and I enjoy guiding people through and around the Old Medieval City of Antwerpen, share its beautiful history, it has already been around since the Roman times. I'll show some great hangouts and local food flavors too. This Old town is not big but it does pack a punch of things to see and explore. If you're interested in old or new architecture, we have it, classic or modern food, we have it. The Arts, we have the top fashion designers here, ballet, Opera, and many theaters that offer stand-up comedy to many well known plays. We can see most everything in 2 to 3 hours, it's well worth your time. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this beautiful place called Antwerpen...used to be spelled Hantwerpen, now it's just Antwerpen. I'll share the history of the name and much more. Come as an individual a team or group and share this unique experience.

Cancellation policy: 72 hours.