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True & Authentic Experiences or Tourist-traps and bullshit stories from unprofessionals. You decide!
About me

I'm a 27 year old professional,licenced (!) tour-guide with 5+years of experience. I will never tell lies or bullshit stories to my guests because of the lack of knowledge.(unlike 99% of unprofessional guides)

Funny, very informative, easy-going, friendly --> these are the most used words to describe me, by my guests.

Hungary is a very beautiful place, but it's also a strange one. The language is nothing you've heard before, not many people speak other languages. It is also the place where you can get very nice things for cheap and very bad things for horrible prices.
If you choose to accept my time, I can help you avoid all theese kind of scams (even on a much bigger scale) and find the best places for the best prices.

After 1 day with me, you'll know the drill!
I'll also help make plans for the rest of the stay.
I do tours only from start of April until end of October (!)

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.