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If getting to know new people and cultures isn't worth going for then life isn't worth living
About me

Hi There ,

This is Mahmoud , my nick name is Ian , long story :) ... will tell why later ..... .I grew up in Cairo , Egypt , I believe that most cities in Egypt are safe and the local side is full of wonders that takes a good tour guide to show you around .... so let me be your company and guide and give you an awesome experience about so many different places in Cairo , Sharm , Luxour and other cities as if you have never seen before and help you to go on an expedition safely exploring them .

I'm native-like , sociable , upbeat and most of the time on the go ..... love being active .Also , I crave being a tour because that helps me to get to know different people and not just share my culture with them , but also learn about theirs .

Let me know your expectations about any city you would like to roam , and I'll do all what I can to help you enjoy your tour and budget less . Also , I can assist in finding the right accommodation for you .

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.