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About me

My name is Abdelaziz Mohamed. I like to be called " Abed ". I am from Egypt . I live in Cairo. I joined City Pals to get the opportunity for sharing and viewing my country to the people with other nationalities who would like to recognize to the great history of a country like Egypt along with the customs and traditions of its kind people.
During your period of visiting Egypt , I am gonna show you all the historic places of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan cities. You will have the opportunity to see the pyramids, the sphinx and the museums. You will try the local traditional food which carries the memories of the Egyptian history. I will show you one of the most beautiful beaches around the world where you will discover the real beauty of the red sea.

Egypt is a place that you will never forget that you have visited once a day and I will be glad to help you to enrich this experience with unforgettable memories .

Thanks, Abed.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours.