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Let's follow the sun!
About me

Dear Traveler, Dear Explorer, Dear Friend!

Do you know this song from Parov Stellar?: "Now I'm gonna tell my momma That I'm a traveler I'm gonna follow the sun" If your answer is yes, you are a traveler as me, If no, then come with me for a trip anyway! You won't regret! ;)

I am Krisztina a (for almost a year) Berlin-based Hungarian who loves to explore and get to know new places and new people! I am living, working in a big, colorful sometimes grayish, sometimes sunny city and I breath its air everyday! As lately I haven't had time to travel I would love to use my knowledge, my experience and energy to be your guide and enjoy this remarkable city together! trust me! I know the most popular and the most hidden places, all the Ubahns and I am really excited to show you more! I am a newbie here on the website, therefore my hourly rate is still low, but of course that doesn't mean low quality ;)

I am excited about going for a tour with the Berliner-Bear with you!

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.