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Make your trip to Paris original, with a true local
About me

Bonjour !
I am a 29 year old French student in Environmental Engineering, and previously civil engineering, I've lived in Paris for 4 years, so I know all the main landmarks and more !
We can choose your trip plan, or you can leave it up to me to suggest cool places, according to your interests. I'm usually free during week ends (Saturday through Sunday) but I could also be free during the week, depending on my schedules, so don't hesitate to contact me whenever you want ! I will also have a 2 week break from the 23rd December to 6th January 2018.

Cancellation policy: 72 hours.


Philippe was great company throughout the whole day, he was very helpful with explaining how to use the Paris metro to get around the city and great with showing me all the main atttractions and explaining their history. He also showed me the best spots to eat and shop. Philippe has a great English vocabulary and speaks it’s very well, would highly recommend Philippe to anyone wanting to explore Paris.

2 years ago