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Five-hour private cultural/historical tour of Kamakura, Japan's de facto capital during the Kamakura Shogunate (1188 -1333). Enclosed by mountains on three sides and Sagami Bay to the south, this ancient city gave birth to the samurai culture and nurtured the flowering of Zen Buddhism, and remains home to numerous temples and shrines. Fun, informative and always entertaining, my tour can start any time you like, though I would recommend 10am. Come and join me, Peter Oxley, global citizen, photographer, and culture/history buff, on a tour of Japan's fabled past, capturing sights that evoke a bygone era as your own memories of the Land of the Rising Sun. At present, I'm compiling a photo book on Kamakura, reading mystery novels, watching old movies, gardening, walking along the beach, and meeting fellow global travelers along the way.

Cancellation policy: 48 hours.