An Injection of Edinburgh Medicine

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2 hrs
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The City of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom is a fairly small city of just under 500,000 people yet has an amazing history. Not just generally but in the area of medicine. The question really is just where do we start. Edinburgh medical school goes back nearly 300 years. But its medical history isn't just about a few medical discoveries.

These include amongst others:

1.The Royal College of Surgeons (a very well respected site of Scottish medicine) where there were riots against women attending Edinburgh Medical School.
2. Bedlam Theatre where a local poet went mad when it was a psychiatric hospital.
3. Burke and Hare - The monsters who supplied dead bodies for medical experiments.
4. Sir James Young Simpson who discovered the anaesthetic qualities of chloroform.
5. Elsie Inglis. A woman who revolutionised healthcare for the poor.
6. The birthplace of a Beatle. Round the corner from the Victorian/20th century Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

All these and other medical connections are included in this walking tour which lasts around two hours long.
Special Considerations
The area of Edinburgh this tour covers geographically, especially isn't best for those with walking difficulties or those who use wheelchairs and if this is an issue I wouldn't recommend this tour. I will however do all I can to make the tour better for you.
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