Berastagi Trip

Tour Fee
Duration - 2 Days
  • Day 1 - 4 hours
  • Day 2 - 5 hours
Tour Description
Berastagi has a natural hot spring bathing park, namely Lau Sidebuk-Debuk or Sidebuk-Debuk. This hot spring is located south of Mount Sibayak. Precisely in the village of Sidebuk Debuk, and 30 minutes before going to Berastagi, if from the city of Medan about 58 km.

From the Medan-Berastagi causeway you stop at the Sidebuk Debuk intersection police post, Daulu Village. There is a sign that reads HOT SPRINGS SIDEBUK DEBUK.

We will walk to the village of Sidebuk-Debuk to the location of the hot spring about 1 km. During the trip you will be presented with views of Mount Sibayak and farm fields owned by local residents.

The air here is quite cool, because this place is located at an altitude of about 2,100 km above sea level.

The Lau Sidebuk Debuk hot spring is a place where many local and foreign tourists visit, especially on national holidays. What's interesting about this tourist spot is the hot water pool scented with sulfur or sulfur, there are some people who really do not like the aroma
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2-Day Tour
  • Day 1 - 4 hours
  • Day 2 - 5 hours
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