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Athens as Epicentre of Political Earthquakes

Athens, Greece
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8 hrs
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A historical tour of the city of Athens based on political history , conflicts and a broad review of contemporary Greek --> European --> global crisis.

I will be picking you up from your hotel and we will be moving to Areopagus , the first supreme jury of Ancient Athens in the area of Plaka. A broad analysis of ancient Greek politics will follow on the place that Pericles, Themistocles, Aristides and other great politicians delivered some of their greatest lectures. Breakthrough political measures like Seisachtheia and Ostracism will be reviewed and discussed as means of both political justice and injustice.

Later we will stroll down the area of Kerameikos, an ancient Greek cemetery where the Epitaph was delivered and still considered as one of the greatest political speeches of all times. Next stop will be the gardens and cafe of the Byzantine museum of Athens in order to examine and discuss politics during the middle ages. An era of conspiracy, nepotism and favoritism that has set the standards for modern political corruption and injustice.

From there we are moving to the War Museum of Athens where the Ottoman period and the first years of the modern Greek state will be presented through exhibits. Modern times are next with a visit to Exarcheia , an underground and revolutionary area of our capital. We will be taking our cafe on the central square and visiting historical landmarks of the neighborhood that shaped Greek resistance against austerity and globalization.

Our tour will finish with a walking antithesis through Kolonaki and some breathtaking views of Syntagma square, hopefully not burning.

Hoping you will exit this day with more questions than answers as this is what ancient Greek conversation was always about.
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