Downtown Nairobi City Tour (Walking)

Nairobi, Kenya
Tour Fee
6 hrs
Tour Description
Are you curious about what makes Nairobi special and unique? Do you want to walk in the streets of Nairobi like a local, to feel the pulse and heartbeat of Nairobi? I am here to make it happen! :)
Nairobi is a fast-moving, energetic city, and one of the best ways to experience it, is through a walking tour.
We will explore some of the oldest buildings in Nairobi, like the Kenya National Archives, learning the History of the streets and buildings, the people and our African culture....

I will take you through to the Nairobi Railways Museum, where you will experience contemporary art and street at its rawest form.
We'll visit one of the most prestigious hotels in Nairobi, the Sarova Stanley Hotel, where the First Post Office was established, and you'll get to see written notes and messages that have been left by travelers from all over the world, across the years.

If you want to take beautiful pictures of the city, from one of the tallest buildings, I will take you to the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) Rooftop, where you'll get 360 degree views of Nairobi city.
If you are looking to buy some African memoirs to take home with you, we will shop around, and I will get you the best bargains!

We'll finish off the tour at an African-themed restaurant where you'll get to sample local Swahili dishes, and the meals cost about $10.00 to $25.00

If you have special requests for the tour, I will be more than happy to include them on this tour. P.S. there are entrance fees to some of these places, and it costs between $5.00 and $15.00
Special Considerations
I am here to help and happily so! Do feel free to reach out if you need advice on the hotels to book, the best areas for an AirBnb or how to get around the city. Being a travel blogger, I can give you tips and travel hacks for Nairobi, and I am happy to share.. :)

Wear comfortable walking shoes, and carry your passport with you as it will be required when accessing some of the buildings. Kindly let me know in advance if your group includes children, to help plan ahead and make the tour as friendly as possible.

Try not to carry extra valuables or wear expensive jewelry during this tour, and try to only carry the cash you'll need.
If you'll need to exchange cash to our local currency, I am more than happy to show you to a Forex Bureau.

Kindly note- I charge an extra fee of $85 for groups exceeding two people,

And kindly note that my fees are exclusive of transport, meals and entrance fees.

Thank you and looking forward to hosting you and showing you around my city! Karibu Kenya!
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