Ethnic Philadelphia

Tour Fee
2 hrs
Tour Description
This tour focuses on important moments in the city's history and juxtapose it to the lives of various ethnicities. Beginning with a brief glimpse at the lives of the original inhabitants of Coaquannock (Philadelphia) followed up with the creation of William Penn's "green country town". Jumping forward two years after Penn's arrival, we explore both slavery and it's aftermath both in and around Philadelphia. As we approach modern times we explore the circumstances and roles other ethnic communities had in creating Philadelphia.

This tour will look at the various peoples and places that has and continue to give Philadelphia it's flavor. To the former impoverished area of W.E.B. Dubois' Philadelphia Negro, Chinatown, the former Jewish Quarter or the Italian Market. We will be focusing on what brought these various ethnic groups to Philadelphia, the neighborhoods they made home; and the impact they continue to make. This tour touches on cuisine, shops, and neighborhoods that has survived gentrification, racism, and re-development.
Special Considerations
This is a walking tour. Bring comfortable shoes and spending money for both food and souvenirs.
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