Local Flavors & Sites

Tour Fee
3 hrs
Tour Description
I can drive you guys around to places like the WWII sites or give you a local food adventure and experience. I'll also be happy to take you on a walking tour to Gardens by the Bay, to known Singaporean cultural landmarks and to Chinatown.
It really depends on your preferences and needs...Just ask away : )
Special Considerations
If we decide to take a car, additional petrol and parking charges may apply depending on locations. Singapore has tolls fees (ERP) especially inside the City so please take that into consideration.
Places like Mandai Zoo or Jurong Bird Park need to purchase individual ticket.
Food not included. Don't worry, I will take you to places where you can eat like a local.
Inner part of Garden by the Bay, will require tickets to enter as well.
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Tour Date And Time
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Meeting Address
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