The Fun Part of Santiago

Santiago, Chile
Tour Fee
4 hrs
Tour Description
OK so to start the tour, we have to meet at Baquedano subway station. We will walk through Bellavista towards the Cerro San Cristobal, eating a chorrillana and drinking a beer on the way.
We go up the Teleferico and reach the Virgin on top. We drink a Mote con Huesillo up there. When we get down we go through Patronato (semi dangerous) where we can eat a Shwarma if we're hungry. Reach La Vega Central (a little more dangerous) and look at the classic Chilean market.

Walk toward the Mercado Central and possibly get something to eat. There's great seafood there. Now we go to the classic bar La Piojera to drink a Terremoto (place isn't great, but the experience is)
Head to the Plaza de Armas and we walk through the classic Teatinos and eat a Completo at the Chilean McDonalds (but with hot dogs). And finally we arrive back to a metro station and we can continue a tour elsewhere or end it here.
Special Considerations
Come hungry and thirsty because we will be doing alot of drinking and eating.
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Meeting Address
Metro Baquedano Santiago, Chile