Kyoto Tour with a Local Perspective

Kyoto, Japan
Tour Fee
Duration - 2 Days
  • Day 1 - 6 hours
  • Day 2 - 6 hours
Tour Description
No nonsense walking tour in Kyoto. We only walk, talk and enjoy places and monuments of historic, traditional and cultural values. I’m interested in history, culture, politics, finance, real estate and social issues of Japan, Asia and the world. If you are not satisfied with some usual food, souvenir and selfie-taking tours, this is the tour you pick. However, this shall not be your choice, if you want to take a lot of selfies, buy tons of souvenir, eat like a horse, and do not want to walk a lot. Only in case you love to know real history, political situation, old and modern culture and current society of Japan while walking beautiful spots in Kyoto, this is the one. See you very soon in our beautiful city of Kyoto, the external capital of Japan.
Special Considerations
Out of pocket expenses : Around yen 3,000/ person - public transportation (bus/subway/train), refreshment, quick lunch.
Transit method : Walk (main) and public transit *We usually walk five to ten miles a day
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Tour Date And Time
Note: this tour is conducted over 2 days. Please select your preferred date and time to start this multiday tour. Your request will be sent to 'Hiro'. Once accepted by 'Hiro', you will receive an email with a link to complete payment for the tour.
2-Day Tour
  • Day 1 - 6 hours
  • Day 2 - 6 hours
Meeting Address
Will be discussed and determined with the traveler