Places of Miracles & Wonders

Kiev, Ukraine
Tour Fee
8 hrs
Tour Description
Dear travelers, I invite you to visit a holy places in the Ukraine. The lake The aim of the trip is to obtain spiritual and physical health, happiness, and love. You will see two cloisters, the holy lake with curative waters (all year round the water temperature is 4 degrees and you can plunge into it). You can buy products prepared by the monks such as: fast bakery and milk products, phyto cosmetics, creams and phyto tea against illnesses. According to the legend in 1911 two women found an icon in a fiery glow, it was the image of the Mother of God. Since that time the source of water appeared and it has curative properties. After spending time in the city, I hope you will find 3 or 4 hours to spend in the peaceful nature away from people and where you can find balance and spiritual healing.
Special Considerations
If you need to buy something in the cloisters you must have some extra money. The approximate prices for tea and cosmetics are about $1.5, If you want to dip into the Holy lake you should have extra clothes, rubber shoes and a towel. For women, it's necessary to have a long shirt up to the knees or they can buy a special shirt to dip in the cloister for $10. It is not allowed for women to wear trousers, they must put on long skirts for the trip in the holy place. The fare from Kiev to Korosten where I want to meet you is $10. If you want to visit museum in Korosten before the trip to the holy place, you must have $1 for entrance fees.
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Meeting Address
Korosten. Grushevskey street Kiev, Ukraine