The Rise & Fall of the Berlin Wall

Berlin, Germany
Tour Fee
5 hrs
Tour Description
After World War II Germany was divided between the winning powers. The capital, Berlin, was divided as well, even hough it lays deep in the Soviet occupation zone. Being declared an open and international city after the establishment of East and West Germany in 1949, Berlin was a preferred route for escape for East Germans dreaming of a new life in the west. In 1961, after losing a major part of their population, the East German government decides to close the border and physically divide the city, practically turning West Berlin to an isolated island.

In this five-hour tour we will walk through some of the most important sites on he route of the wall. We will hear the historical background to its construction, speak about everyday life in communist East Germany, exciting escape attempts and cold-war tentions, see where some of the famous escpe tunnels were, visit an actual border crossing station and conclude with the largest memorial for the time, on the longest segment of the wall still standing.

In the first part of the tour we will speak about the basics - the historical background, the first days of the division and the structure of the Berlin Wall. We will do that next to Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terror museum, where we will see an authentic part of the wall and one of the border crossigns between east and west.

From there we will go a place called The Palace of Tears - a preserved border crossing next to a train station, where we would start speakign about everyday life in the divided city, and enter the museum opened there. We will visit a border train station which was closed for 29 years, where we will see how the underground rail system was divided.

In the wall memorial in Bernauer Str. we will see where some escape tunnels were located and try to understand how the life of the people there looked like when one bank was in the east, and the other in the west.

We will finish at the East Side Gallery, where we will speak about the remembrance of the Berlin Wall nowadays.
Special Considerations
For this tour, a daily public transportation pass (Berlin AB) is needed, The public transport fare is not included in the price of the tour.

Hotel pickup can be arranged (available for selected, central hotels only)
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